Frank Torre’s generous donation to the Great Lakes National Cemetery, located in Michigan, in honor of his father, a World War II veteran who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, paves the way for a new road.

Upon hearing that neither the county nor its road commission had funds to pave the road in the Great Lakes National Cemetery because it didn’t fall under current construction programs, Frank Torre, CEO of Signal Restoration Services and Torre and Bruglio, Inc., donated the funds needed to help pave Belford Road.  The Great Lakes National Veterans Cemetery in Michigan held funeral honors by the United States Marine Corps and an official entry was named in honor of Frank Torre’s father, Frank Torre Sr., a World War II United States Marine Corps combat veteran.

In recognition for the generous contribution, the executives in Oakland County had named a portion of the road in Holly Township after Frank Torre Sr., known as “PFC Frank Torre Sr. Drive”.  PFC Frank Torre Sr. Drive is pictured below.

The Great Lakes National Veterans Cemetery is supported by the Great Lakes National Cemetery Advisory Council, a bipartisan council that, regardless of party affiliation, and amid a politically charged climate, uses its connections to support volunteer veteran service organization with assistance from the Department of Defense funeral honors team.