Campus Martius

Campus Martius

In the heart of Detroit, a remarkable transformation unfolded at Campus Martius Park, mirroring the grandeur of New York’s iconic Rockefeller Plaza.

This transformation is largely attributed to the visionary collaboration between Frank Torre, CEO of Torre and Bruglio, Inc., and Detroit 300 Inc., a community-based organization dedicated to revitalizing Detroit. The Collaboration: Frank Torre, at the helm of Torre and Bruglio, Inc., a renowned landscape and facility maintenance firm, teamed up with Detroit 300 Inc. to revitalize Campus Martius Park.

This partnership aimed to breathe new life into the area, turning it into a vibrant, multifunctional space for the people of Detroit. Design and Installation: The design of Campus Martius Park was a meticulous process. Inspired by the success and appeal of Rockefeller Plaza, the team envisioned a space that would be equally magnetic and functional. Under Frank Torre’s leadership, Torre and Bruglio, Inc. crafted a design that combined aesthetic beauty with practicality.

The installation process involved state-of-the-art landscaping, incorporating a mix of natural and urban elements to create a welcoming and inclusive environment. Beyond design and installation, the maintenance of Campus Martius Park was key to its success. Frank Torre’s expertise in landscape management ensured that the park remained a pristine and inviting space for all visitors. Regular maintenance, seasonal updates, and sustainability practices were integral to preserving the park’s beauty and functionality.

Campus Martius Park quickly became a cornerstone of community life in Detroit, akin to the role Rockefeller Plaza plays in New York. It served as a gathering place for events, a hub for social interactions, and a symbol of Detroit’s resilience and revitalization. This project, under the guidance of Frank Torre and the collaboration with Detroit 300 Inc., showcased the power of public-private partnerships in urban renewal.

The transformation of Campus Martius Park stands as a testament to Frank Torre’s vision and the effective collaboration between Torre and Bruglio, Inc. and Detroit 300 Inc. It exemplifies how thoughtful design, meticulous installation, and diligent maintenance can rejuvenate an urban space, making it a cherished landmark for the community. As Detroit continues to evolve, Campus Martius Park remains a beacon of the city’s ongoing renaissance, much like Rockefeller Plaza in New York, symbolizing hope, community, and urban revitalization.


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April 6, 2019