Hart Plaza

Hart Plaza

In the bustling heart of Detroit, Hart Plaza stands as a beacon of urban culture and community gathering. This iconic location, especially during the summer events, pulsates with energy and life. A key figure behind maintaining this vibrancy is Frank Torre, who, as the CEO of Torre and Bruglio, Inc., spearheaded the “Keeping Our Streets Clean” initiative. This program played a pivotal role in managing the landscape and horticultural services for all summer events at Hart Plaza.

Under Frank Torre’s leadership, Torre and Bruglio, Inc. embarked on this ambitious initiative with a clear vision: to ensure that Hart Plaza remained a pristine and welcoming space for all visitors. Understanding the importance of public spaces in fostering community spirit, Torre aimed to create an environment where residents and tourists alike could enjoy the summer events in a clean, safe, and beautiful setting.

The “Keeping Our Streets Clean” initiative was a comprehensive program that covered various aspects of environmental maintenance. The team from Torre and Bruglio, Inc. was responsible for regular cleaning, waste management, and the upkeep of the plaza’s green spaces. This involved meticulous planning and execution, especially considering the increased foot traffic and activities during the summer events.

A significant part of the initiative focused on landscaping and horticulture. The aim was to enhance the natural beauty of Hart Plaza, making it a verdant oasis amidst the urban landscape. This included planting flowers, maintaining lawns, and ensuring that all plant life was healthy and thriving, creating an aesthetically pleasing backdrop for the summer festivities.

The “Keeping Our Streets Clean” initiative had a profound impact on the summer events at Hart Plaza. The clean and well-maintained environment contributed significantly to the overall experience of the attendees. It not only added to the visual appeal of the events but also demonstrated a commitment to sustainability and respect for public spaces.

Frank Torre’s leadership in the “Keeping Our Streets Clean” initiative is a testament to his dedication to community service and urban beautification. Under his guidance, Torre and Bruglio, Inc. played a crucial role in ensuring that Hart Plaza remained a symbol of Detroit’s vibrancy and a welcoming space for all. This initiative not only enhanced the summer events but also reinforced the importance of maintaining and cherishing our urban environments.


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April 6, 2019