Heritage Hall of Fame Award

Frank Torre, of Detroit, Michigan, was recently inducted into the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit’s Heritage Hall of Fame. final version for ft images Following its inception in 1919, the International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit (IIMD) has been committed to recognizing outstanding individuals who have contributed to the American way of life, support multiculturalism, and the preservation of unique cultural traditions.  In the early eighties, the IIMD, in an effort to formally recognize outstanding leaders from different cultures and honor their incredible achievements and contributions to the America way of life, created the Heritage Hall of Fame Award.  The Hall of Fame Award recognizes such exceptional leaders from various ethnic backgrounds and celebrates their incredible achievements and contributions to the community.  The individual who have demonstrated their commitment to multiculturalism and have generously supported ethnic and cultural traditions are honored for their exemplary lives, careers, and achievements that truly embody and perpetuate the heritage of the American way of life with the prestigious Heritage Hall of Fame Award. Frank Torre joins a prestigious roster of past honorees which include Edsel B. Ford II;  Dennis Archer, the former Mayor of the City of Detroit, Alex Manoogian, Mike Ilitch, owner of the Detroit Red Wings / Detroit Tigers, Frank Stella, as well as many other notable figures whose photographs have been forever memorialized and are proudly displayed inside the Hall of Fame Gallery located in the Main Atrium of the COBO Center Convention Hall in the heart of Downtown Detroit. During the Heritage Hall of Fame Dinner, The International Institute of Metropolitan Detroit awarded its coveted Hall of Fame Award to Frank Torre for his outstanding commitment to rebuilding and beautifying the city of Detroit and its surrounding metropolitan area.  The Heritage Hall of Fame celebration and the award ceremony to honor Frank Torre’s achievements was held at the beautiful Ambassador Ballroom at the famous Renaissance Hotel overlooking the Detroit River.  Following the celebration, Frank Torre’s photograph was permanently framed and memorialized in the Hall of Fame Gallery located in the Main Atrium of the Cobo Center in the heart of Downtown Detroit. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Frank Torre – Donation helps “Clean Downtown” Detroit.

Frank Torre donates equipment to help the "Clean Downtown" Detroit.

Recently the landscaping crew truck used in these Downtown beautification efforts was donated to Clean Downtown by Torre and Bruglio, Inc, one of the state’s largest horticultural and landscaping contractors whose landmark projects include the Penske Corporation and Chrysler World Headquarters, Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park, and the Detroit Zoo.  Frank Torre, a Michigan entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist is CEO and chairman of both Torre & Bruglio, Inc, and Signal Restoration Services, a full-service contractor that specializes in property loss mitigation and has restored properties in Michigan and across the country.  Headquartered in Troy Michigan, some of the company’s high-profile projects include three major hospitals in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Roosevelt Island in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in October 2012. The donated equipment has been loaned for the last several years by Torre and Bruglio, Inc., and in addition to being used to help clean Detroit, is being used by Clean Downtown and Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit to train workers in landscape management while helping make Downtown Detroit a more beautiful place to live, work and play.   The president of the Downtown Detroit Partnership, which administers Clean Downtown, has been quoted as saying that “Keeping Downtown looking its best is a team sport and we’ve had the best team working with.... Torre and Bruglio, Inc ….. in our efforts to keep Downtown Detroit looking cleaner and greener while helping workers obtain valuable job skills.” The landscaping crew truck is a welcome and permanent addition to the Clean Downtown fleet of trucks seen in and around Downtown Detroit keeping things picked up and clean. It provides much needed transportation to the workers in the Goodwill landscape management program.  This collaborative effort has resulted in newly trained workers and the lovely landscaping that has made Downtown’s landscape pop with color and green ways.   In addition to providing the truck, Torre and Bruglio, Inc. has generously shared its vast expertise and helped train workers by giving them a much needed and valued skills set. “The company of Torre and Bruglio, Inc., led by Frank Torre, …… has played a significant role in helping Detroit’s disadvantaged find their way back into employment and personal dignity,” said Goodwill Industries of Greater Detroit Vice President Lindsay Chalmers.  “They have for many years partnered with Goodwill to assist with teaching of new skill sets surrounding landscape maintenance and the gift of this truck is but one more example of their level of caring.” 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 new logo tob    

Frank Torre, Chairman of the DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, hosts the DMC Heals event.

As one of our nation’s premier providers of physical medicine and rehabilitation, the Detroit Medical Center’s frank main dmcRehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM) has been helping people rebuild their lives after a serious injury or illness for more than 60 years.  At a recent event, DMC Heals, Mathew Sanford spoke with Frank Torre about the role rehabilitation and physical medicine played in his life. As the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, part of the Detroit Medical Center, Frank Torre took a personal interest in Mathew’s story.   rim       Mathew Sanford has recently published a book about how he was paralyzed from the chest down after a pivotal event which set Matt on a lifelong journey following which he emerges with an entirely new view of being a "whole" person.  The book, titled Waking, delivers a powerful message about the endurance of the human spirit and of the body that houses it.         In 2010, the DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan named Frank Torre as the Chairman of the Detroit Medical Center’s Board of Directors, for DMC’s Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan (RIM). Frank Torre succeeded Frank D. Stella who has served on RIM’s board for over 10 years.  Previously the president and CEO of Torre & Bruglio, Inc, Inc., a Michigan based company, Frank Torre currently serves as CEO of Signal Restoration Services, and joined RIM’s board in 2001 as the Chairman of RIM’s Fund Development Committee. At the event, Frank Torre toured the DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan’s facilities with Matthew Sanford who shared his experiences and demonstrated the benefits of yoga to disabled and non-disabled students at DMC Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan. When asked about the event at a later interview, Mathew Sanford stated that Frank Torre’s passion and energy where contagious and he believes that with Frank Torre’s guidance, the DMC will continue RIM’s legacy of cutting-edge treatment techniques complemented by innovative research and personalized medical care.    

Frank Torre hosts the Boys Hope Girls Hope Annual Golf Classic at Oakland Hills Country Club

Frank Torre is a Detroit, Michigan based entrepreneur, businessman, and philanthropist who has been committed to many mentoring and scholarship programs and national philanthropic activities. As the CEO and chairman of Signal Restoration Services as well as Torre and Bruglio Inc., Frank Torre has restored, renovated and rebuilt many historic Detroit Landmarks including the Chrysler World Headquarters in Auburn Hills, the Detroit Tigers athletic field in Downtown Detroit, Detroit Metropolitan International Airport in Wayne County, and the famous Detroit Zoo located in Royal Oak. Apart from his professional responsibilities, Frank Torre supports a number of philanthropic community organizations. Recently, as the Chairman of Boys Hope and Girls Hope of Detroit, an academic scholarship program for underprivileged youth in the metro Detroit area, Frank Torre organized and personally oversaw the 25th Annual Golf Classic held the Oakland Hills Country Club in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. The event, in which Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson served as emcee, included dinner as well as a live and silent auction. The Golf Classic was organized and personally managed by Frank Torre, who personally invited some of Michigan’s most influential speakers and attendees, most notably of which were Roger Penske, Oakland Country Executive L. Brooks Patterson, TV Personality Rhonda Walker, Oakland Country Sherriff Michael Buchard, Chief District Court Judge Julie Nicholson, and many others, to support the Boys Hope and Girls Hope of Detroit. The June 22nd event raised a very significant amount of contributions to support the Boys Hope Girls Hope Programs and Initiatives in Southeastern Michigan. More importantly however Frank Torre’s fundraising initiatives over the past 12 years, have raised over 3 Million dollars to support and grow the Boys Hope Girls Hope organization and ensure that the community served by the program receive not only a stepping stone in life, but ongoing support. The administrators for the Boys Hope Girls Hope of Detroit were quoted as saying that (Golf Classic) “is always beautifully managed by Frank Torre….” at Oakland Hills Country Club. The Boys Hope Girls Hope Annual Golf Classic was kicked off with lunch followed by dinner as well as a live and silent auction. Frank Torre hosts the Boys Hope Girls Hope Annual Golf Classic at Oakland Hills Country Club